Classes at LOBO


During one of our classes you will work on your conditioning, through specific warm ups designed to help you learn how to move on the ground, where most of Jiu Jitsu’s action takes place. You will learn chokes, locks and how to control your opponent. You will also spar with your partners; however, members are only expected to spar if they are confident to do so.

Kids Classes

Our kids classes currently cover ages 5-12, we offer training 3 times per week and generally start with a warm up to help with fitness and specific jiu jitsu based moves, we then move onto the technical part of the class where they will get to practice a technique shown by the coach and then the end of the class we do live practice working from specific positions against a resisting partner and also work toward full competition sparring.

GI All Levels

One of our most popular classes on the timetable and most essential classes to attend. These classes are catered for everyone from beginners to advanced students. We cover the fundamentals of jiu jitsu ensuring that all students can develop a solid foundation so that they can continue to progress with their journey. The class starts with a warm up consisting of fundamental movements specific to jiu jitsu, followed by technique and then finishing with live training from a specific position.

GI Drill Class

This class is suitable for all levels, the full class consists of practicing techniques shown by the instructor. This class really does help bring on your jiu jitsu as repetition is key.


These classes again are equally very popular, similar to GI classes but this training is without the GI(kimono) again these classes are catered for all levels from beginners to the more advanced students. Due to not having the grips of the GI this tends to be a faster pace.

Advanced NO GI

This class is looking at more advanced techniques and submissions, this class will require experience before attending but if you have any questions please check with the coach.

GI Competition Class

Although this class is competition based you don’t have to be a competitor to attend this class. This class will initially be working for some of the most common positions in a specific training scenario, we do full competition sparring but also run through the rules and point system.

Roll Night

This is an advanced class which does require experience before attending. This is none stop sparring/rolling. If you have any questions please check with the coach.

8 week beginners course

We run an 8 week beginners course which is only open to complete beginners, this will cover all of the main positions in jiu jitsu and help give you a foundation to move into the main timetable joining the team. Please note this is not the only route into joining the club and we do have a lot of members join straight into the main part of the club.

Open Mat

This is free practice which you can use the time to practice techniques shown in the classes, try new techniques out, sparring with training partners or simply sit at the side watch and socialise.

Privates/ Personal Training

If you want to help complement your current training, cant make all of the classes or just feel you would benefit from some personal training this is also offered. This is a great way to help improve your jiu jitsu as any mistake you may be making, issues you may be having can be ironed out to help you continue with your progression.

Group Training Sessions

We have been working with a number of local sports clubs of all ages from under 9s rugby teams to 1st team adults as part of their pre season training. If this is something that you think may be of interest to you please get in contact.